Sexism: Statistics and Facts

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- Womens incomes are 61% of mens, according to Statistics Canada Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID), SLID is an in-depth monthly survey of the Canadian population while the census data used is derived from 20% of the population.


- In 2 decades, womens incomes have increased by an average of $3000


- Only 11% of women make it into the top 20% of Canadian earners due to occupational segregation


- Women make up 5% of skilled trades, 10% of fire and police, 21% of senior managers


- The poverty rates for women in general is 20%, for women of colour is 37% and for aboriginal women 43%


- Women in couples with children under 16 had median incomes that were only 48 per cent of their male partners. Their median incomes were $13,153.


- Women aged 45-64 made only 51 per cent of their male counterparts. Their median after-tax income was only $14,77

As retirement income is a function of lifetime earnings, women’s low income in this age group means they will be at great risk of poverty in retirement.


- Women in the Atlantic provinces had the lowest incomes in Canada. Their median after-tax income was $11,235.


- Thirty-five per cent of Canadian women have not completed high school and 72 per cent of these women had median after-tax incomes under $13,786.




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